• Thirteen years ago I bought this on CD for the single "Clint Eastwood" not knowing the rest of the album would be absolutely brilliant. In 2014, the album holds up to time & (more amazingly) my own changing tastes. I've bought this album three time because it's on my "must own" list. I decided to go vinyl this time & I am happier than ever. Musically, this is my favorite Gorillaz album & each song can could stand on its' own. Both sides of the each record flows smoothly into the next or can be enjoyed by themselves. The artwork is stunning, it feels like this is the size that it was meant to be viewed at. Download free mp3 ringtones for Android and iPhone I'll be enjoying this album for years to come. Stellar packing and presentation on the vinyl. Inner sleeves have artwork and look really nice. Thick cardboard gatefold. Pressing sounds good. This is the album that made me reconsider hiphop and was a monumental release for me and my musical taste. Many people like the following albums much better but this was the perfect blend of punk and hiphop to catch my ear as a kid. Listened to the CD ad infinitum and I'm happy to own such a nice package as an adult!

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  • The mix of smooth flowing raps and gritty impassioned vocals makes each and every song on this album a 5/5. The verses, the choruses, the instrumentals, every aspect of each song is overwhelmingly satisfying to the ears. As a whole "beerbongs & bentleys" is a masterpiece. I have a strong feeling this album is ahead of its time and will influence future artists' styles in the music industry.Like others I was very cautious to buy this because of the large amount of buyers saying that this record skips. I bought it anyway because it was out of stock at the time, so I assumed I would get a new record that wasn’t from the batch that evidently got pressed poorly. Played it all the way through, and it is perfect! No skips, static, scratches, nothing. If you’re hesitant, go ahead and buy it. Worst that could happen is having to return it.Wow I have become a huge Post Malone fan I absolutely love his music! Very talented . You won't be sorry if you order this one it has like 6 of the big hits and a lot more in the making. Can't stop listening to it. I really like the fact that you can listen to this on Amazon music too even when you buy the cd win win! I gotta see him in concert. Download free mp3 ringtones for Android

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